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Fungus in the Feet

Rich or poor, clean or dirty, infections are always attacking the feet. Here are verrucas which were treated by the local doctor with a freezing spray and ointment and for two years nothing happened until they were zapped with 100 shocks on each verruca, energy level 3 with a 20 mm focal head. It should have been a 5 mm head but only 20 mm was available.

Now see what has happened:

The verrucas have gone and new skin is taking their place. Note that only one simple treatment was needed.
The verrucas are typical of what attacks those who go to swimming pools and gyms. One treatment is all it takes to kill whatever is living in the skin. Tell the patient that all their shoes must be washed or thrown away to avoid re-infection. It makes no sense to clean the feet and then get infected again as soon as they put their shoes back on.

The same happens with toe nail fungus.

The fungus is killed and the nails re-grow. No drugs. No ointments. Quick and easy. It is the ability of CellSonic to kill all and any infection that makes it such an easy to use and safe tool.

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