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Translation of an email received by our distributor in Germany:

Dear Mr. Würleitner,

Thank you for the opportunity to be treated by Cellsonic VIPP for psoriasis.

My life has now changed a lot because the treatment impacted positively on my disease and this was noticed by friends and relatives. For 20 years I had treatments with creams, Balneo phototherapy, radiation and taking special drugs which affected my health and work. Now all these problems of psoriasis and the side effects of the treatments have disappeared.

I am so happy especially now in summer; I can wear short sleeved shirts, shorts and even a bikini without feeling ashamed. Gone is the high emotional stress.

Many thanks again. I hope many people like me can be made happy with CellSonic VIPP.

Dominica Tillmann


Pictures below show the condition on the 8th November this year with the picture to the right showing the same area on 6th December after only one treatment.
The terrible itching and pain of the psoriasis was removed straight away and the patient remained as good as itch-free afterwards.

Reports from patients treated more than a year ago are encouraging because the area treated eventually cleared and has remained clear until now. However, in another area the psoriasis can break out and then that area has to be treated.
It could be that the treatment of psoriasis is affecting a systemic condition. This suggests the CellSonic VIPP is affecting the response of the immune system; something we observe in healing chronic wounds and repairing nerves.

The protocol being used in Germany is:
Energy level 2 with the infinity head,
apply gel in the usual way and then 50 shots/cm2 on treated skin area,
4 treatments in total, minimum time between treatments 2 weeks.
No drugs. No side effects. The patient’s preferred creams can continue to be used.

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