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Cellulite Description

# Nodular liposclerosis
# Cellulitic dermohypodermosis
# Sclerotic-fibrous-edematous panniculopathy
# Panniculosis of the dermis
# Cellulitic hypodermosis
# Gynoid lipodystrophy
# Hydrolipodystrophy
# Herniation of the fat with hypodermic tension bands

Cellulite is no disease,it is biological caused modification of the female connective tissue. The so-called orange peel syndrome or cellulite describes the mattress phenomenon of the skin, which affects more than 80% of women of all ethnics.

This appearance leads “only” to an aesthetic problem, but is a cause of concern for many women worldwide.

Normal Skin Physiology

The skin is divided into two main regions, the epidermis, and the dermis, each providing a distinct role in the overall function of the skin. The dermis is attached to an underlying hypodermis, also called subcutaneous connective tissue, which stores adipose tissue and is recognized as the superficial fascia of gross anatomy.
The subcutaneous tissue is a layer of fat that lies between the dermis of the skin and underlying fascia. Subcutaneous fat insulates the body, absorbs trauma, and is a reserve energy source.
The pathology observed in Cellulite lies in the subcutaneous tissue, as will be described further.

How Does Cellulite Occur?

Cellulite is a complex problem involving the microcirculatory system and lymphatics, the extracellular matrix and the presence of excess subcutaneous fat that bulges into the dermis. The deterioration of dermal vasculature causes oedema and tissue hypoxia with thickening and sclerosis of the fibrous septa. Chronic inflammatory processes with diffuse infiltration of macrophages and lymphocytes into the fibrous septa also take place in the formation of Cellulite. Another approach to the genesis of cellulite is a connective tissue disorders, which result from the action of estrogen on fibroblasts to produce MMP (matrix metalloprotease), which damages connective tissues. This process is driven by the reproductive cycle causing sex hormone levels to surge.

Cellulite Treatment

CellSonic Limited has invented a means of removing cellulite and fat with lithotripter shockwaves. Cellulite appears on women’s as an orange peel effect. It is also in the love handles on me’s hips. What distinguishes cellulite from other areas of fat in the body is that there is no blood so it cannot be accessed by the digestion system as a source of reserve energy; even starvation does not remove cellulite.

In order to remove cellulite and leave the skin smooth the collagen and fibres supporting the skin have to be strengthened and this is brought about by the same effect that shockwaves have when healing wounds and growing new body cells. Cellulite is a layer of fat trapped in tiny globules in a matrix of fibres. There is no blood in this layer so the shockwaves cause the capillary growth of veins into the layer providing an exit route for fat released from the globules by the rupturing effect of the acoustic shocks.

It is not an instant process. From an initial treatment to confirming that the skin is smooth can take three months depending on the severity of the cellulite. During that time, the capillary action of veins and the growth of new fibres in the collagen can only develop at the speed at which the body develops new cells. Therefore the action is in harmony with the body’s repair mechanism. There are and have been many treatments for cellulite including countless numbers of special creams to be applied to the skin but none of them work because they do not remove the fat trapped in the tiny globules and have no effect on the collagen. Nor does exercise remove cellulite and often it looks more unattractive on athletes who have no underlying body fat to swell out the skin; the orange peel effect from the globules is more obvious. Treatments that roll the cellulite flat are only temporary because the protuberances spring back up later; no structural change was made. Shockwaves are a sudden bang and the suddenness is the essential feature of a shockwave. The rise time from zero decibels to high decibels is only a few nanoseconds. Slower rise times have less effect because they do not travel faster than the body cell can stretch. It can be argued that the effect of a shockwave is controlled damage to rupture a fat cell and to trigger the immune system into repairing collagen fibres. This process is becoming well understood in wound healing where stem cells are caused to migrate to the treatment site and huge wounds are healing without scars because new body organs are grown.

It is reasonable to expect the same behaviour when the same protocols are applied to flesh where there is no open wound.
There are various ways to create a shockwave and CellSonic uses the fastest means of all by shorting a high voltage across electrodes in water causing a bang which is focussed by a reflector into the body which also acts as does water. To link the shock head of the CellSonic machine to the body, a gel like ultrasound gel is applied through which the sound waves can travel.

The fact that 90-98% of all cellulite cases occur in women is strong evidence that cellulite formation has its basis in the structure of the subcutaneous (fatty layer) that is unique to the female sex.
In the late 70’s, two extensive studies conducted by German doctors Nurnberger andMuller, found that, in women, the uppermost layer of the subcutaneous tissue consists of “standing fat cell chambers” which are separated by vertical walls of connective tissue. At the top of these upright fat cells, arc-shaped domes are formed which are weak and more prone to fold and buckle under the pressures of excess weight, water retention or a sedentary lifestyle.
This, in turn, causes smaller compartments of fat cells (papillae adipose) to then break up and cluster tightly just under the skin.
This combination of standing fat-cell chambers and clusters of papillae adipose are the very elements that create the change of appearance in the skins’ surface that we know as cellulite

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