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100% Circulation

equals total healing
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Our Advanced Energy Medicine Equipment,
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With the Cardio MedBed alone, you can restore circulation in your heart in as little as 15-20 days with twice-daily treatments, and even reduce sports injuries to just six hours or six days, compared to months, when both the CellSonic and Cardio MedBed are combined.

Now, have you ever noticed how the medical system doesn’t deal with circulation? We believe that circulation is the most important thing for healing anywhere in the body. Here’s just a few of the ways that improved circulation can improve the health of your patients:

Let’s say you have an athlete who has recently sustained an injury. With these treatments, you can restore them to their former performance level in a fraction of the time. We understand the frustration of sports injuries, both for athletes and their coaches. Our process can reduce the amount of time that athletes spend on the sidelines and get them back in the game quickly. We can reduce the amount of time a physician may have prescribed for recovery from six weeks to just six hours. Our process targets the root cause of the injury – inflammation, scar tissue and lack of circulation – to get athletes back to their peak performance level in mere minutes or hours. It’s a simple, non-invasive procedure that requires no downtime.


How incredible is that?

But it doesn’t end there, as New World Practitioners you’ll already be utilizing our protocols which puts you a cut above the other clinics, enabling you to treat your clients on the emotional, physical, nutritional, and now, energetic level.


We take building your business seriously and offer extensive training with every CellSonic purchase. We are also introducing our own platform in the next 6-8 weeks, which will feature the most controversial people in the world. And no government or agency can stop us – we have invested a quarter of a million dollars to make this possible. We will literally put you on the map inside of our new platform, linking you with hundreds of thousands of people who are desperately looking for treatment with CellSonic and the Cardio MedBed.

Make no mistake, this is an investment, and just like the other New World Practitioners who have already taken massive personal action and purchased one; they’ve seen their investment come back to them in as little as 8 weeks.

8 weeks. So understand something, okay? When you have the most powerful energy medicine, people respect it, they understand it.

But don’t wait too long, we only have a few left available.

Purchase both

and receive:

2 New World Practitioner Combined Certifications for you or your staff
(valued at $20,000)

1 3-day Training: Pain Free Pelvic Restoration and Disease Prevention (Woman Only)
(valued at $2,000)


The World Healing and Training Keys to Unlock Your Potential:
1- The Perfect Day
2 – Access to the Exclusive

 Practitioners Portal
3 – Affiliate Commission Program To the Doc of Detox Store
4 – VIP Access to Wholesale Rates
5 – Weekly Master Consultant Meetings and Q&A’s
6 – Referrals Network
7 – Lifetime Support
8 – Advertisements on Doc of Detox Social Channel

For more information and for purchasing Our
Advanced Energy Medicine Equipment​,

Call The Following Phone Number to talk
directly with Dr. Darrell Wolfe


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Not Followers...
Be Your Own Leader."

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